5 million kids in America are suffering from obesity


Around 4.8 million kids in America who were between 10-17 years old were 15% overweight and obese in the year 2017-2018 based on a latest report. According to Dr. Richard Besser, who is the President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson foundation said that the new reports showed the challenge touches several lives of many children in the country. The highest youth obesity states include Mississippi with 25.4%, Kentucky with 20.8%, West Virginia with 20.9%, Michigan at 18.9% and Louisiana at 20.8%. Utah has 8.7% of obese youth, Alaska with 9.9%, Minnesota at 9.4%, Montana 10.8% and Colorado at 10.7%.

The child’s progress has stopped because of their obesity issues. According to the reports there are no stages which had shown a great change in obesity rates between the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. The researchers have also seen great differences in ethnic and racial behavior. The obesity rates in Hispanic youth is about 19% while in blacks its 22% and whites had 12% and 7% were seen in Asians. When compared to the Asian peers and whites, Hispanic youth and blacks were at greater risk of developing obesity related health issues and diseases. 

Findings have also shown that there were higher obesity rates of nearly 22% in youth who had household income below the federal poverty line and 9% of those who had income 4 times greater than the poverty line. Obesity can also lead to various health issues and diseases like type 2 diabetes, various types of cancers and heart diseases. When preventive measures have been taken at early stages of life it could be easy to reduce the risk of obesity and its effects. If children of 5 years old are overweight they are 4 times likely that they will be obese by 14 years of age when compared to healthy weight children.