Monday, August 10, 2020

Neuro disorders can have psychological effect

Neurological disorders affect the autonomic and central nervous systems. There are various types of neurological disorders which include –

Parkinson’s disease


Multiple sclerosis



According to the report published by World Health Organization, around 326 million people in the world suffer from migraine and approximately 24 million is suffering from Alzheimer. In addition to this, people are suffering from the above-mentioned diseases also.

Many people ask the question what leads the people to suffer from neurological disorders. Frankly speaking, the causes of such diseases are quite diverse. There is no linking between the diseases as there are various nerves along the spinal cord, including the membranes. If any of these nerves and membranes get disturbed or damaged, the patient starts suffering from neurological disorders. The nature of the disease depends on which particular nerve or membrane has been damaged. If the patient is suffering from a small problem, it may damage the functioning of the neurological pathway as a whole, or may affect a single neuron. These damages can occur for various reasons which include infections, lifestyle reasons, genetics, nutrition causes, influence of the environment and big physical injuries. A small physical injury may also affect a nerve and cause neurological disorder in the patient.

Symptoms of neurological disorder – emotional

When a person starts suffering from any neurological disorder, some form of emotional outburst is also found in the patient. Due to the pain or may be restriction in his mobility, he may have sudden and rough outbursts. Symptoms of delusions and extreme depression are also found in the patients who are suffering from these disorders.

Physical symptoms

The physical symptoms of neurological disorder are more accurate. The physical symptoms of the disease may include weakness of the muscle, complete or partial loss of the sensations, seizures, pain which he or she cannot explain, a decrease in alertness and many more.

Effects of neurological disorders

If the patient is not serious about the treatment, the neurological disorders can turn around for long-term serious consequences. The long-term and short-term effect can vary to the extent of how severe is the situation. One should always remember that if a patient is found to be suffering from the initial stage of neurological disorder, he or she must be given medical treatment without any delay. A number of medical examinations need to be conducted, depending on the type of disease, and treatment to be immediately started.


5 million kids in America are suffering from obesity

Around 4.8 million kids in America who were between 10-17 years old were 15% overweight and obese in the year 2017-2018 based on a latest report. According to Dr. Richard Besser, who is the President and CEO of the Robert Wood Johnson foundation said that the new reports showed the challenge touches several lives of many children in the country. The highest youth obesity states include Mississippi with 25.4%, Kentucky with 20.8%, West Virginia with 20.9%, Michigan at 18.9% and Louisiana at 20.8%. Utah has 8.7% of obese youth, Alaska with 9.9%, Minnesota at 9.4%, Montana 10.8% and Colorado at 10.7%.

The child’s progress has stopped because of their obesity issues. According to the reports there are no stages which had shown a great change in obesity rates between the years 2016, 2017 and 2018. The researchers have also seen great differences in ethnic and racial behavior. The obesity rates in Hispanic youth is about 19% while in blacks its 22% and whites had 12% and 7% were seen in Asians. When compared to the Asian peers and whites, Hispanic youth and blacks were at greater risk of developing obesity related health issues and diseases. 

Findings have also shown that there were higher obesity rates of nearly 22% in youth who had household income below the federal poverty line and 9% of those who had income 4 times greater than the poverty line. Obesity can also lead to various health issues and diseases like type 2 diabetes, various types of cancers and heart diseases. When preventive measures have been taken at early stages of life it could be easy to reduce the risk of obesity and its effects. If children of 5 years old are overweight they are 4 times likely that they will be obese by 14 years of age when compared to healthy weight children. 


A woman’s heart get affected by early menopause

A woman’s heart get affected by early menopause

According to a new research if women get menopause before she reaches 50 years of age, then she will be at a higher risk of developing the nonfatal heart conditions. Researchers have analyzed data from 300,000 women who were under 15 studies all around the globe and have found that those women who had menopause before 50 years were at greater risk of developing angina, heart attack or even stroke. Those women who were under 40 and had premature menopause were twice as likely to develop the non fatal cardiovascular diseases even before they reached 60 years of age. The studies are compared with that of the women who were 50 or 51 which is the actual standard period to develop menopause said Gita Mishra who is a school professor of public health at the University of Queensland, Australia.  If women had developed menopause when they are between the ages of 40 to 44, then they were 40% more likely to develop heart conditions. We all know that precaution is always better than cure.

She also added saying that the relationship with nonfatal cardiovascular events was not clear till now. The link between early menopause and developing of cardiovascular diseases in women is higher when they are overweight or obese, smoking ad when they have low education levels. According to Dongshan Zhu, who is a study leader, a doctorate in public health at University, it’s always better to identify who have early menopause so that doctors can monitor and check their risk factors related to cardiovascular diseases. When the disease is early diagnosed it will be easy to treat and prevent it from causing serious health issues and will improve the overall cardiovascular health. So, women should always have a track on their menopause and consult a doctor if they are facing any symptoms of early menopause. 


What are the health benefits of high fiber diet?

Fiber has a lot of health benefits while it aids in weight loss by keeping you full. Taking enough amount of fiber rich food every day helps in preventing various heart related diseases, diabetes, stroke while improving the health of skin and aid in losing weight. Colon cancer can also be prevented through fiber rich food. Fiber is also called as roughage which is nothing but the plant -based foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts etc. that cannot be broken down by the body. As it passes through the body undigested it will keep the digestive system healthy and clean and aids in easy bowel movement and helps in flushing out harmful carcinogens and cholesterol from the body. There are 2 types of fibers – soluble and insoluble. Insoluble doesn’t get dissolved in water and prevents constipation while soluble dissolves in water and helps in controlling blood sugar levels. 

Fiber helps in staying healthy regularly. It’s not just beneficial for digestive system but there are several benefits of including fiber in one’s diet. It boosts one’s immune system while maintaining the overall health. It will definitely make you feel good and look good. The following are the various benefits of having good amount of fiber in diet:

  • Digestive health: Dietary fiber helps in easy bowel movement. It not just helps in relieving pain but will also help in preventing diarrhea and constipation. When there is high intake of fiber rich food it also reduces the intestinal inflammation, kidney stones, and gallstones and also gives relief from irritable bowel syndrome. According to some studies it also reduces the gastric acids and prevents ulcers and gastroesophageal reflux disorders.
  • Diabetes: When a person goes for a high fiber diet especially the insoluble fiber which can be obtained from cereals, it will reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. If he or she already has diabetes fiber will absorb sugar slowly and will improve the levels of blood sugar.
  • Cancer:  According to some research eating high amounts of fiber can prevent colorectal cancer. Intake of fiber rich food can also reduce the risks related to stomach issues, mouth, digestive system cancers and pharynx.
  • Skin health: When the skin excretes fugus and yeast it can trigger acne outbreaks. Having enough intake of fiber food particularly psyllium husk will flush out the toxins from the body while improving the appearance of skin and improves overall health.

Heart health: Soluble fiber is a very important element to maintain good heart with healthy diet. When a person eats high amounts of fiber rich food it reduces the bad cholesterol levels in the body and thus improves the cholesterol levels. High fiber diet when followed can also prevent risk of developing metabolic syndrome which is linked with several other diseases like diabetes, stroke and coronary heart diseases. It also reduces inflammation, blood pressure, helps in losing excess weight, especially around the abdomen and also improves the HDL level which is the good cholesterol levels.